Northshore Futsal Cup 2015 is Set!

The 2015 edition of the Northshore Futsal Cup has a date and location! The event will be the morning and afternoon of June 6th in Bothell, WA. The tournament is open to boys and girls teams in 7th to 10th grade and the price per player is only a $20 donation!

All proceeds from this year’s event will go towards building a well and sanitation facilities in a village in Haiti through Free The Children. The nation of Haiti is still recovering from the devastating earthquake in 2010. A large portion of the population has no access to clean water or sanitary outhouses and are in dire need. Meanwhile, Free The Children is a fantastic, transparent global charity that help poverty-ridden villages become self-sustainable after their charity work.

To everyone that is new to the Northshore Futsal Cup, welcome! We expect a great event this year that is certain to be full of fun, competition, sun, futsal, and soccer in general. If you participated last year, we thank you for your past donation and participation. Last year’s event was the first of its kind and the organizers learned a lot. We expect a much larger, more festive event this year. We hope to see you again in June!

Ready to sign up? Click here! Remember to stay tuned for further updates!


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